Wednesday, March 31, 2010

finding my voice

I have been looking and listening my whole life. You know, for that "thing" meant just for you. For powerful purpose. That moment when you can say, "This is who I am supposed to be and this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life." I searched in the eyes of my family, the spoils of praise and success and in textbooks too many. I opened my mind enough to see the perspectives of the young and the old. I listened during worship and to the laughs, cries and voices of friends. I looked in the backwoods, in churches, through the city lights, in material things, on mountain tops and around the world. I didn't find one simple "thing", but along the way I found clues, I started to see my true self and I encountered words from others, such as these, that captured my heart:
"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and savor the world.
That makes it hard to plan the day."
E.B. White
It haunts my passion, this quote. It is how I feel. Every day.
I am an artist and I have known this since I was a child. What I had to discover and accept over time is that "art" is what I want to do with my life. The problem? I don't just want to make art, earn lots of money and try to have a fun life. I want to "save the world". And so, the last few years have taken me down a road where I looked for a place where my passions can co-exist. Last year, in the midst of brainstorming and concept building, I was reminded of this quote and motivated to write. I opened my journal and words started to spill out of my pen and onto the page. And in the middle of those words, I wrote four words which now jump out of my journal underlined and starred, "I HAVE A VOICE." It was upon staring at and contemplating those words that everything started to hit the same note.
I have a voice. So do you. Every single human being has a unique set of experiences, passions and perspectives.
I believe that "art" is a stage from which our lives can speak. So, what is art? This is important to answer because I believe every person is an artist, but only some are noticed on that stage. Art is not just about making something beautiful to put in a gallery or a home (though that is wonderful). In fact, it's not just about creating, but about listening, learning, growing, sharing and changing. Art is an outlet for our life to speak. I believe this full process of "a.r.t." is best defined by three things:

Art - something tangible that has been created more...
Reflection - the examination of experience more...
Transformation - an action that creates change more...

It is when we create, reflect and transform that art speaks the loudest. That is why I am going to use art to share my voice with the world. A Candid Voice will exist to share things I have created. It will encourage open eyes, hearts and minds. It will work on a local and global level with individuals, communities and non-profits to promote positive change. In addition, A Candid Voice will provide a platform for others to speak.
I am thrilled to continue this journey with what feels like my true voice. I don't know yet what all I have to say, but I am excited about the stories I will tell. And when I rise each morning, I will live to save the world and savor the world at the same time.
ART is a candid voice. What does your life want to say?

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  1. I feel as though I am trying to find my voice still as well. And I agree, there are hints along the way but I have yet to find the whole shabang (is that a word)?