Art is something tangible that has been created.  It is one part of the full process of experiencing A.R.T.  Things created are not only those which can be seen, but rather engaged by any and/or all senses.  This tangible art may happen when a paintbrush meets paper or when keys are "tickled" on a piano.  Or it may be created through capturing a moment with a photograph, planting seeds or sending a card to a loved one.  The opportunity to create and experience art exists all around us perpetually.
A Candid Voice is a place where art will be shared.  As an artist, I believe that the creative process is an opportunity for both the artist and listener to gain new perspective.  I long to expose the world to itself in a way that inspires change.  Soon, I will have a shop on Etsy where my art will be available.  In the future, I will also be sharing the art of many others as they inspire me and/or work with me on various projects and fundraisers.  In the meantime, please feel free to check out some of my art, musings and creativity on my other blogs, daily perspective, blartog, blahbitty blahbitty blog and/or my morning moxie: