We all have a voice.  This is mine.  And I believe that art is a candid voice.

about a candid voice:
A Candid Voice is a hub where my art (and the art of others) will be shared.
Art is not simply about posh galleries, cohesive color palettes and those considered visionaries  It is an opportunity to let your life speak.  And life tells its story not only through things created, but through experience and through the evidence of change.  The interwoven relationship between these things is what gives "art" such a dynamic voice.

A Candid Voice seeks to expose stories being told through A.R.T.

Art/Creation - something tangible that has been created more...
Reflection - the examination of experience more...
Transformation - an action that creates change more...

A Candid Voice encourages creation, reflection and transformation on an individual, local and global level.  By engaging in A.R.T., our stories grow.  This is a place where stories, including my own, will be shared.

about me:

Who: Laura Hubber.
What:  Artist.  Wanderer.  Believer.  Lover.  Fighter.  
When: Today!  I’m trying to live it to the fullest and have been doing so for over 31 years now. 
Where: Currently loving life in the fabulous city of Portland, OR.  After growing up in the wide open spaces of Montana, I have sought to appease a sense of adventure, longing for culture and diversity and wandering heart in college, in the mountains, in the city and around the world.  Let’s just say my heart is still wandering, but some little roots are growing… 
Why:  Because I am passionately in love with art and love and people and continually inspired and challenged by open hearts and unique perspectives and positive progress, but have been having affairs with fear, doubt and apathy for far too long. 

Some Things I Love: apple juice, a sky full of stars, cultivating creativity, real people, hiking, laughing with loved ones, morning light reading, alliteration, live music, huckleberry picking.

Some Things I Don’t Love So Much: hypocrisy, empty ice cube trays, magnified pictures of microorganisms, apathy, cracking knuckles, negativity, making decisions.

A Favorite Quote: "The heart is forever inexperienced."  Henry David Thoreau

A Few More Random Tidbits: I can write with both hands, backwards and upside-down.  My heart breaks continually.  Moxie is one of my favorite words and words are one of my favorite games.  Also, I have too many hats.  I love hats.