joy juice

How do I practice my awesomeness?

Answer: I take time to watch the sunset, throw my hands in the air and jump on board with the source of that very question.
I am thrilled to be a part of Joy Juice, a yearly dose of juicy prompts for positive growth.  Ever since my fabulous friend Molly founded Stratejoy, I have been challenged and inspired by her passion to help women live lives with authentic joy.  When she asked me to be a part of her latest project by sharing my photos with the world, I knew I couldn't ask for a much more perfect and exciting opportunity.  Sharing art with the purpose of inspiration, reflection and growth is exactly my cup of tea.  In fact, it is what a candid voice is about and  the passion I have to creatively transform the world is part of what makes me awesome.  Thanks to joy juice for the prompt and for the chance to practice my awesomeness!

For those of you checking out a candid voice for the first time, welcome!!!  Feel free to browse the blog to find out what I've been up to, take a look at more of my art and learn more about my passion.  If you're finding yourself inspired, connect with me in other ways to keep in the loop with my upcoming projects and help spread the creative love:  Here's a couple things you can do:
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Thanks so much for being a part of my passion!

For those of you being introduced to Joy Juice and Stratejoy through a candid voice, yay!!!!  Ready to be inspired and kick some butt??