Wednesday, June 2, 2010

choosing to create

Last week, I decided to paint.
I opened a drawer and rescued my watercolors from a desolate and dusty place. After a quick sketch, the painting began and I found myself in a relaxing rhythm of creation.
As I painted, my mind wandered, questioning why it is that I do not choose to do this more often. Why don't I make art a priority in my life? How did I let my paints, pastels and pencils get dusty? While pondering the answers to these questions, I realized that, for the most part, the only times I have made art over the last ten years are for classes or for gifts. Photography has been a huge exception to this revelation, but I still have to ask myself a question that stares apathy and hypocrisy straight in the eye. How can I present myself as an artist and encourage others to speak creatively when I am not even choosing to do so?

The answer is so simple, yet so challenging at the same time. I choose to create.
No one is keeping me from this but myself. I have the desire. I have the means. And I have the choice. And how profound it is to again realize that the ability to choose is one of the most powerful things we possess. For some, that ability is limited beyond control, but for many the power to choose is fully available and has the potential to break down walls. I desire to see, experience and create the positive change that simple choices can create.
And so, like I said, I choose to create. I choose to reach out. I choose to care. I choose to fight the apathy that tries to cling to my emotions. I choose to open my eyes. I choose to see new things. I choose to believe. I choose to step out into my passion and do what I can despite the confusion, the discouragement and the challenge. I choose to pick up the paintbrush and dust off the supplies. I choose to share my voice.
Thanks for choosing to listen.

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